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NMR Spectroscopy

NANUC offers 800, 700, 600 and 500 MHz NMR systems and access to Canada's high field national nuclear magnetic resonance center. NANUC Manager Pascal Mercier provides user training and system access to a Bruker systems equipped with 1.7 and 5 mm HCN and RT cryoprobes and Varian 600 and 500 MHz systems for solution state NMR collection of 1H,13C, 15N, and 19F resolved spectra of proteins, nuclear acids, lipids, glycans, metabolites, culture media, CSF, blood, serum, urine, beverage, tissue and infectious samples and access to TMIC and 500 MHz NMR in the Prion Centre. NANUC Director Michael Overduin established HWB-NMR, which offers access to 600, 800, 900 MHz and 1 GHz NMR systems.

Introduction to Biomolecular analysis at HWB-NMR

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Access procedures

Users receive access to documentation in order to familiarize themselves with the NMR experimental methods, software, consumables, responsibilities and fees.

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NANUC 800 MHz NMR system.