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Recent research papers by the investigators who initiated Molscreen are listed below, and represent a fraction of the research into ligand discovery at the University of Alberta.


Fogl C, Mohammed F, Al-Jassar C, Jeeves M, Knowles TJ, Rodriguez-Zamora P, White SA, Odintsova E, Overduin M, Chidgey M. Mechanism of intermediate filament recognition by plakin repeat domains revealed by envoplakin targeting of vimentin. Nature Commun. 7:10827.

Salim M, Knowles TJ, Hart R, Mohammed F, Woodward MJ, Willcox CR, Overduin M, Hayday AC, Willcox BE. Characterisation of a putative receptor binding surface on Skint-1, a critical determinant of dendritic epidermal T cell selection. J Biol Chem. in press.


Lenoir M, Kufareva I, Abagyan R, Overduin M. Membrane and Protein Interactions of the Pleckstrin Homology Domain Superfamily. Membranes. 5:646-63.

Jamshad M, Charlton J, Lin YP, Routledge SJ, Bawa Z, Knowles TJ, Overduin M, Dekker N, Dafforn TR, Bill RM, Poyner DR, Wheatley M. G-protein coupled receptor solubilization and purification for biophysical analysis and functional studies, in the total absence of detergent. Biosci Rep. 35 e00188.


Koppisetti RK, Fulcher YG, Jurkevich A, Prior SH, Xu J, Lenoir M, Overduin M, Van Doren SR. Ambidextrous binding of cell and membrane bilayers by soluble matrix metalloproteinase-12. Nature Commun. 5:5552.

Kufareva I, Lenoir M, Dancea F, Sridhar P, Raush E, Bissig C, Gruenberg J, Abagyan R, Overduin M. Discovery of novel membrane binding structures and functions. Biochem Cell Biol. 92:555-63.

Butterworth S, Overduin M, Barr AJ. Targeting protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 for therapeutic intervention. Future Med Chem. 6:1423-37.

Lenoir M, Sugawara M, Kaur J, Ball LJ, Overduin M. Structural insights into the activation of the RhoA GTPase by the lymphoid blast crisis (Lbc) oncoprotein. J Biol Chem. 289:23992-4004.

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